DNF – After Atlas by Emma Newman


I loved Planetfall and it had been a while since I’d read it and I saw this on the shelf and I figured I’d complete the story. Oh how naive I was.

The MC was instantly grating, and the plot (or the part I read) had nothing to do with the first book. I didn’t like the world building and in general I didn’t feel it worth my time, even to read on a few more pages and see if things turned around.

I think this was mostly just a convergence of irritants than anything wrong with the book exactly. Either way, I’m moving on.


DNF – After Atlas by Emma Newman

5 thoughts on “DNF – After Atlas by Emma Newman

      1. The Power!!!!!!!!!!!!
        It frees you from the shackles that poor writers try to stuff you into and enslave you.

        It is you being the master of your literary ship.

        And I could go on for quite some time in that line of thought 😀

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