October Book Haul


Last month was decent when it came to new (to-me) books. We’ve been busy so there wasn’t a lot of time for book hunting, but I did snatch a new release so that sort of makes up for it.


Blade of Empire by Mercedes Lackey & James Mallory (Dragon Prophecy #2) came out this past week after years of waiting. I purposefully didn’t read the first one until this was about to be published entire due to that wait.

Oct 21st Haul

When I found The Lies of Locke Lamora I knew I had to get it. I hadn’t heard of it until Mr & Mrs NW posted about it and then it shows up a couple of weeks later. I call that destiny.

Dave Duncan’s King’s Blades is on my list of series to finish, so I picked up what was there. Then there was the Dragonlance Chronicles #1. I’ve found it extremely hard to find used copies of the original trilogy. My guess it that their age combined with fans who want to keep them to be the only logical reason.

Lisa found and wanted the second book in the Underland Chronicles, thanks to Julia’s suggestion. I found Sky Raiders, the first book in the Five Kingdoms series, and while I’ve read it that was before the blog so I’m considering a reread for the release of the final book, Time Jumpers (#5), this spring. (Which was supposed to be this fall but got pushed back.) Lastly, also by Brandon Mull, is The Candy Shop War. Basically I got it entirely because I’ve loved everything else by Mr. Mull.

And that’s it for the haul. No ARC’s were accepted and no giveaways won. There were a couple of other books I’ve considered pre-ordering or buy new, but I figured those could wait until I’m ready to read them. No point in making the pile any bigger than it needs to be…….you know, to keep the guilt down.


October Book Haul

4 thoughts on “October Book Haul

  1. King’s Blades. Top notch stuff there! Except I seem to remember it was one of you who wasn’t so enthused about the original trilogy. I also might be getting you confused with somebody else. That’s been happening a lot to me recently.

    Dang bloggers, all talking about the same books! 😀

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