DNF – Provenance by Ann Leckie


I stopped after 3 chapters (75 pages). The MC/POV character, Ingray, was far too YA for me and the two other characters completely lacked a personality. The premise couldn’t hold my attention and the world-building had interesting elements but it lacked cohesiveness. We’re treated to at least 4 info-dumps in those first 3 chapters but not one to tell us how and why a new set of pronouns are to be used. Ms. Leckie once again springs abnormal pronoun usage on the reader but fails to explain or integrate it so the learning curve is near vertical.

Basically there isn’t any reason to keep reading but it’s often burdensome to do so. There isn’t anything I want to know more about, including what happens to the characters. So I’m cutting loose quick and moving on.


DNF – Provenance by Ann Leckie

4 thoughts on “DNF – Provenance by Ann Leckie

  1. 3 chapters? you got further than I did. I gave up after maybe 20 pages. I didn’t care for the first book of hers that I read, so I did want to give her another try. Guess her writing style just isn’t my thing.

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