The Red – Book 3: Going Dark – By Linda Nagata

Hey Jared,

Ha! Finally finished the trilogy and it was well worth it.

goingdark.jpgTitle: Going Dark
Series: The Red; Book 3
Author: Linda Nagata
Genre: Science Fiction, Military Scifi
Audience: Adult
ROTS Setting: CU, Modern/Near-Future,
Synopsis: James Shelley has left his lover, Delphi, and his companion-in-arms, Jayne Vasquez, with a fortune acquired from a fallen oligarch. They believe him to be dead, and he doesn’t try to set the record straight. His long-running question has been answered: There are other soldiers like him who have served the purposes of the Red—and he has accepted his place among them. As a soldier of the Red he pursues covert missions designed to nudge history away from existential threats—but that doesn’t mean the world is growing more orderly. It’s only in the froth of a “managed chaos” that human potential can grow and thrive. Shelley’s missions eventually take him into orbit—and into conflict with those he loves—Delphi and Jaynie—who are determined to escape the influence of the Red.
Recommendation: Highly recommended! For mature readers. Graphic violence.

There isn’t a whole lot I can say about the book. It’s good, right in line with the previous books. I liked the characters for the most part. The plot was nice and I loved all the action. I am very happy and satisfied with my experience with this book and the series as a whole.

So please don’t misunderstand me in regards to anything that follows. It’s way more nitpick than anything else.

I personally think this is the weakest book in the trilogy. It’s less noticeable because the world has been established so well and we’ve got a really good understanding of Shelly, the MC. The timing and lead up to the end of the book felt a little weak….a little ambivalent. As I said, we get great action and the smaller plot elements are as great as what I’d come to expect in the trilogy. It’s just the macro plot for both the trilogy and this book that felt a little scattered.

Also the ‘epilogue’… felt odd and I almost wish I hadn’t read it. As if it almost undid any sort of ‘moral of the story’ I might have gleaned.

Anyway, it’s good and I’m really glad to have finished the trilogy at long, long last.





The Red – Book 3: Going Dark – By Linda Nagata

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