Animorphs – Book 9: The Secret – By K. A. Applegate

Hiya Jared,

It might just be me, but it feels like the series has matured significantly in this book and the last. Our ickle series if really growing up.

thesecretTitle: The Secret
Series: Animorphs; Book 9
Author: K. A. Applegate
Genre: Science Fiction
Audience: Youth
ROTS Setting: CU, Modern, Aliens
Synopsis: There’s something pretty weird going on in the woods behind Cassie’s house. The place where Ax and Tobias call home. It seems the Yeerks have figured out one very important thing: Andalites cannot survive without a feeding ground. Visser Three knows the “Andalite bandits” don’t feed where he does, so there can only be one other place. Now Cassie, Marco, Jake, Rachel, Tobias, and Ax have to figure out a way to stop a bogus logging camp. Because if Visser Three finds Ax in the woods, nothing will stop him from finding the Animorphs…
Recommendation: Highly recommend this series.

Cassie’s character really comes out in this book. It’s more intense and individualized. We get to see the strain that being an Animorph has on here everyday life and her core beliefs challenged in all the right ways. That said, the jump in character and development is a bit noticeable, not bad or poorly done, but I did notice and it felt odd at first.

The plot was quite deep and intense, while also verging on comedy. The levity helped keep it from getting too dark and I think it was done perfectly for the target audience.

In all, a very nice read. It was entertaining and reminded me why Cassie was one of my favorite characters growing up. I felt that she and I had the most in common.



The Android; Book 10 >>


Animorphs – Book 9: The Secret – By K. A. Applegate

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