March Recap

This is a monthly recap to help keep people up-to-date with what we’ve been doing, with handy links. It also serves as a visual representation for us and what we’ve accomplished in the month.

Total Posts: 24
Book Reviews: 13

March New Releases

Other Posts

  • Hype Train #3 brought you new information about Time Keepers (Five Kingdoms #5), Persepolis Rising (Expanse #7), and Revenge (Spinward Fringe #11)
  • We asked you the question, Where do you buy your eBooks?
  • Jared has a Mech Anime Fanboy Moment, where he extolled the virtues of Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans.
  • We informed you of ebook copies of The Way of Kings being given away by [Now Ended].
  • Robert flaunted his March Book Haul.


March Recap

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